Cubs step up disabled provision after lawsuit

Wrigley Field, home of Major League Baseball team the Chicago Cubs, has improved its disabled access following a federal lawsuit that claimed previous renovation work reduced the number of wheelchair-accessible seats.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper that recent renovations to the stadium will include more wheelchair-accessible seats. More elevators and accessible bathrooms will also be available.

Green did not comment on the lawsuit, which claimed that some wheelchair-accessible seating had been lost in the bleachers and behind home plate due to construction work carried out at Wrigley Field.

The suit added that the wheelchair-accessible seating was moved further away from the field, where disabled fans were left with a restricted view when other supporters stood up during the game.

Wrigley Field has a capacity of 41,000 and has been the Cubs’ home since 1916.

Image: Jholtgrewe