Huawei to roll out 5G at Cairo International Stadium

Huawei is set to roll out its 5G phone network for the first time at Cairo International Stadium during the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Egypt’s minister of communications and information technology Amr Talaat confirmed the news that the Chinese firm will introduce the technology at the 74,000-capacity stadium, which is set to host 10 games during the competition, including the final.

“Egypt wishes to cooperate with Huawei in the field of artificial intelligence, technology transfer and with 5G,” Talaat said.

Huawei will cooperate with Telecom Egypt to bring 5G technology experience to Egypt for the first time.

Huawei is a leading manufacturer of equipment for 5G mobile signals with almost instantaneous data transfer.

The Africa Cup of Nations is taking place between June 21 and July 19 in the north African country.

Image: Citadelite