Officials meet to discuss Hiroshima’s football stadium

Hiroshima’s local news website Hiroshima News TSS has reported that the top officials from the Hiroshima Prefecture, City of Hiroshima, and the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry met on Thursday to discuss and agree in principle that the new football stadium, proposed to be built inside the Hiroshima Central Park, should become a new entertainment attraction to bring excitement to the whole park.

The officials also discussed that the stadium should be built in the Hiroshima Central Park to which the city-run tram line directly connects from the Hiroshima Station, and that the stadium complex should be able to attract people of different generations by effectively utilising the whole structure including the empty spaces underneath the stands.

It is hoped that the development of the much-anticipated football stadium will create a new tourist route that connects the Hiroshima Central Park with other areas such as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Kamiyacho, they city’s central business district.

Kazumi Matsui, the Mayor of Hiroshima, said: “The development of the new football stadium will be a great opportunity for the potential redevelopment of the city centre including the Kamiyacho and Hatchobori central business district area.”

The officials now plan to formerly invite Sanfrecce Hiroshima Football Club, the J-League Division 1 side, as an observer, to continue their discussions while citizens will have their opinions heard via public channels including online polls. The masterplan for the development of the Hiroshima Central Park including the new football stadium will be put together before the end of March next year.

While both the Prefecture and City are expected to fund the stadium development, businesses and citizens will also be able to contribute through donations to secure the construction cost.

Image: City of Hiroshima

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