New company launched to create large-scale stadium spectacles

Jean-Christophe Giletta has launched Live Stadium, a new company that will create and produce large-scale shows for stadiums in France and across Europe.

It is hoped the venture will allow major stadia to leverage the appeal of operas and classical shows, opening up their venues to different kinds of events when they are not in operation for sports matches.

Live Stadium will offer a range of shows between 2020 and 2024 that will feature staging and scenography that has been produced for large-capacity stadia. The events will allow spectators to express their own talent while enjoying the show they are watching.

The first show that will be offered by Live Stadium is the Swan Lake ballet, which will be proposed in France and Europe from June 2020. Operas Aïda and Carmen will follow in 2021 and 2022 before Four Seasons of Vivaldi debuts in 2023 and the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven is added in 2024.

Giletta, who will serve as president of Live Stadium, said: “For more than 14 years at the Stade de France, I have demonstrated that we can create durable value in stadia by diversifying the sporting programme with big cultural and popular shows.

“By proposing spectacular staging, developing bold artistic concepts and unprecedented marketing campaigns, we have gathered more than 1.5 million spectators for great operas such as Carmen, Aïda, Nabucco, Turandot, Verdi’s Requiem or for original creations such as the Celtic nights, Urban Peace, Unighted, Ben Hur and Excalibur.

“Sharing this experience with stadium operators, proposing great cultural shows, accessible to all while entertaining … this is the goal of Live Stadium.”