Marvel Stadium roof to remain closed following complaints

The AFL Aussie rules football competition has confirmed that the roof at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium will remain closed during day games for the remainder of the season.

The decision comes following complaints that leaving the roof open affected the viewing and playing experience due to the contrast created between lit and shaded areas of the pitch.

The league is set to review the use of the roof for all future games following the conclusion of this season. The first game that the roof will be closed for is this weekend’s clash between St Kilda and Richmond.

Players have been openly critical of the decision to leave the roof open. Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury tweeted that it was a “shambles” during the June 8 game between Carlton and Brisbane.

Marvel Stadium hosts AFL games involving Essendon, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs, North Melbourne and Carlton. The stadium is owned by the AFL.

The 53,000-seat venue used to be called Etihad Stadium before rebranding as Marvel Stadium last year through a partnership between The Walt Disney Company Australia and Melbourne Stadiums Limited (MSL).

Image: Plutinc