Kigali Arena construction work wrapped up

Construction work on a new 10,000-seat indoor arena in the Rwandan capital of Kigali has been completed within a six-month period.

The Kigali Arena project’s Turkish contractor, Summa, employed about 1,200 local workers on top of the 500 who were brought over to Rwanda.

According to Rwandan newspaper The New Times, construction responsibilities were carried out in day and night shifts.

The facility, which was completed on July 5 and is the largest of its kind in East Africa, is awaiting an inauguration date from the country’s government. The development comprises 13 cafes and bars, a fitness centre and media hall.

Summa has a track record of delivering speedy construction projects in Rwanda. In 2016, it built the Kigali Congress Centre in less than a year.

The Rwandan Housing Authority oversaw the latest construction project, with Summa and the country’s government providing funding, according to the report.

In June, it was confirmed that the new arena will host the 2021 FIBA Men’s African Basketball Championship. Tennis events, concerts and conferences will also take place at the venue.

Source: Adrien K

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