‘Netflix’ subscription model can retain younger fans

Clubs that introduce “Netflix-type” rolling payment plans for season tickets can attract and retain new generations of fans, according to Jacob Lauesen, FC Kobenhavn’s director of marketing and development.

The club, which competes in the Danish Superliga, has enjoyed huge success in bringing in the new model as an alternative to traditional seasons, which were failing to attract younger followers who are more accustomed to subscription models.

“The benefit is that the marketing campaign can run through the year,” Lauesen told TheStadiumBusiness.com.

In the first 12 months, only 1.5% of fans unsubscribed from the model, providing a significantly better retention rate than the season ticket offering. Alongside other smart ticketing packages, the club enjoyed its first increase in its average crowds in a decade and a 40% increase in paying attendees.

“I thought we would see behaviour that was similar to season tickets, but we didn’t,” Lauesen added.

“Most people on the model are upgrading rather than leaving.

“The cost is split 12 times throughout the year and the model is attracting mostly 18 to 30-year-olds.”

Nearly 80% of new ticket-holders last season came on board as subscribers, rather than season ticket-holders.

However, Lauesen said that rather than discontinue season tickets, the club plans to expand the options with subscriptions in the coming months.

“The season ticket is still a product – especially the most expensive ones that include the European matches,” he added.

“For less attractive matches – such as Sunday games after a European fixture on a Thursday – we have calculated a higher no-show, and therefore we can allow people to select seats.

“Going forward, we need to figure out the best way of balancing the income throughout the whole year. You need the stability to ensure you don’t need to rely on a lot of cash in August.”

Image: Pathfinder77