FIBA undertakes Connected Stadium venture

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has agreed what has been described as a game-changing partnership with technology company Atrium Sports which will lead to the creation of a ‘Connected Stadium’ venture.

The partnership announced today (Wednesday) will seek to help make basketball the most popular, innovative and digitally advanced sports community in the world. Charged by FIBA with offering national federations and leagues technology and advice, Atrium Sports will seek to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning based automated solutions to capture, enhance, produce and distribute live video content.

Through the partnership, national federations and leagues will have access to Keemotion technology to help live stream games, enhance the fan experience with graphic overlays and commentary, attract new audiences and better utilise their content.

FIBA secretary general Andreas Zagklis said: “FIBA Connected Stadiums will offer our members access to the technology and expertise to automatically capture and live stream games. This partnership will help us plan, develop and promote basketball into the next decade and guide our national federations through an increasingly complex technology landscape. The benefits will surely be felt throughout the sport.”

Nick Maywald, Atrium Sports executive chairman, added: “FIBA’s history of innovation and embracing new technologies is the envy of many sports. The FIBA Connected Stadium is a game-changing initiative and we are honoured to be trusted as FIBA’s partner.”

FIBA said federations and leagues from around the world are already in discussions with Atrium Sports to implement the Connected Stadium.