Danish football club Brøndby IF has signed an innovative partnership with start-up company Second Sun to ensure the pitch at its home stadium receives the necessary amount of sunlight year-round.

Second Sun has developed a 10m x 20m solar reflection system, which will bounce sunlight back on to areas of the Brøndby Stadion pitch that are shaded during an initial trial period.

Brøndby has partnered with Second Sun as it feels some areas of the pitch receive next to no natural sunlight during months when the sun is low in Denmark.

Second Sun’s system, which can control exactly where on the pitch the sunlight is reflected, will also reduce the need for pesticides. The system is based on mirror reflexes, which automatically rotate towards the sun.

Brøndby Stadion groundsman Chris Hague said: “Innovation and new technologies are part of Brøndby IF on and off the pitch. That is why we also want to take new steps to try and optimise conditions for the grass pitch.

“There are parts of the southern end of the pitch that need more sunlight than it can get naturally. No remedy is better for grass to grow than sunlight and the right temperatures, and with Second Sun we will try to reach the whole pitch. If it works, as we hope, it will be a win for the pitch – and for the environment.”

Second Sun director Nicolai Moustgaard added: “Our reflector system can deliver better conditions for the pitch in a more economical and sustainable way compared to today’s alternatives, which fits with Brøndby IF’s visions.

“Specifically, the system can optimise the growth conditions for the grass pitch, while reducing the need for artificial light. With a full installation at Brøndby Stadion, we expect to be able to reduce the need for artificial light by a minimum of 40 per cent, resulting in direct savings of 40 per cent on both the energy and CO2 bills.”

The system will be tested at Brøndby Stadion in the coming weeks.

Image: Brøndby IF