Miami to showcase Millennial’s esports arena vision

Esports company Millennial has revealed plans for what it claims will be the world’s first dedicated esports racing arena, adding that the venue in Miami will be followed by others across the globe.

Scheduled to open in 2020, the new facility is part of Millennial Esports’ push to professionalise global esports racing competition. The 12,000 square-foot arena will be located in the entertainment district of Wynwood in the US city. Millennial said it has secured $2.8m (£2.3m/€2.5m) in private construction financing to complete the build out of the facility.

The esports arena will feature 30 racing simulators which can be raced on individually, linked with the other racing rigs in the building or globally networked to compete against drivers from all over the world. Professional drivers can also take advantage of a full-size full-motion simulator, the same type as used by major motor racing teams.

The Miami arena news follows a deal announced by Millennial in August for a controlling stake in specialist racing simulator constructor, Allinsports. Founded in 2008 by Anton Stipinovich, previously an engineer for Formula One teams such as Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull Racing, Allinsports not only manufactures high-end racing simulator systems, but also produces the eRacer esports simulator rigs that will be used in Millennial’s World’s Fastest Gamer, a competition developed in association with McLaren.

“Creating our first arena is an important step in Millennial Esports’ goal of taking esports racing to an entirely new level,” Millennial’s president and CEO, Darren Cox, said. “Allinsports already have a driver training simulator facility in Miami, but our new arena will take esports racing to an entirely new level. Esports is the fastest growing sport in the world, but the racing genre of esports is ready to take a massive leap.

“Our goals are for this arena to be the first of many located around the world. These centres will hold major local and international competitions, be used for both amateur and professional driver training and also stage major corporate events.

“Nobody has built anything like this at this level — we want this to be the ‘Formula 1’ of racing esports facilities — and the people of Miami will be the first to enjoy this opportunity to develop their skills.”

Stipinovich added: “Our Miami Arena is going to be quite unique because it’s not only going to be an esports arena, it will be a driver academy and allow young racers to progress through the ranks of esports and real-world racing.

“Simulators have changed the world in motorsport. Drivers have become a lot more scientific and much better prepared. You can see this in today’s Formula 1 racing where you have young drivers like Lando Norris and Max Verstappen coming up through the ranks very fast thanks to their esports experience.

“US motor racing, South American motor racing, everybody wants to come to Miami. It’s an excellent location, and there are moves to host a Formula 1 race here. It’s really just a showcase for us to show off the first of many different arenas.”