The O2 in London has launched a new corporate social responsibility programme that will promote sustainability, accessibility, charity and community schemes.

The multi-purpose venue’s Good Vibes All Round initiative will aim to encourage a shift of focus and behavioural change in relation to sustainability goals.

The programme will also highlight the AEG 1EARTH scheme, which has been developed by the O2 and its owner and operator, AEG, with the aim of reducing environmental impact.

In the last 12 months the venue has worked closely with event organisers including ATP and The BRIT Awards, and partners O2 and Sky, to reduce the environmental impact of events, including removing a wide range of Single Use Plastics from the venue; these are conversations that The O2 plans to continue into the future. As a result of these efforts The O2 received the Royal Borough of Greenwich Greener Greenwich award and the sustainability and community award at the Stadium Business Awards.

In terms of sustainability, the O2 has launched a state-of-the-art waste compound, including an on-site wormery and eco-digester, as well as a green cleaning programme.

At the venue itself, there has been a 40% reduction in transport to the site and less than 1% of waste is now going to landfill. The O2 has surpassed its waste, water and greenhouse gas emissions targets every year since 2010.

“We’re proud that the business and our staff have recognised the importance of CSR and sustainability, and with the launch of Good Vibes All Round we are able to share the good work we’ve been doing for some time now and for it to be a catalyst for further action,” the O2’s vice-president and general manager, Steve Sayer, said.

“We look forward to our fans and visitors joining us as we look to make a greater difference to the world we live in, and the community we’re a part of.”