Euroleague Basketball, which organises the EuroLeague and EuroCup continental club competitions, has launched a new Reporting Hub that will enable fans to report any inappropriate behaviour witnessed inside arenas.

The launch of the new initiative follows the launch of Euroleague Basketball’s new in-arena code of conduct at the start of the season. The code of conduct is applicable to every individual inside venues and calls for spectators to respect players, officials and fellow fans.

The Reporting Hub, which is designed to “maximise enjoyment” during games, will be accessible through Euroleague Basketball’s website and will enable fans to discreetly report any issues they see relating to the code of conduct.

Euroleague Basketball added: “Euroleague Basketball and its clubs feel strongly that customer experience is a key factor in improving the enjoyment of the overall product and are committed to working together to uphold the In-Arena Code of Conduct.

“Any reports received will be shared directly with the home club, under the supervision of Euroleague Basketball.”

Image: Euroleague Basketball