Tender process launched for Ericsson Globe 2.0 project

A procurement process has been launched to find solutions for scaling down the arena space at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe venue.

The arena is the world’s largest hemispherical building and is owned and managed by SGA Fastigheter. SGA Fastigheter hopes to transform the arena into a venue that can quickly adapt from accommodating 14,000 visitors to around 6,000.

SGA Fastigheter hopes to do this without sacrificing the acoustics, light or architecture of the space, while creating an “unbeatable” atmosphere for guests.

The arena is used to host ice hockey events and other sports, as well as music and entertainment events. It is hoped the Ericsson Globe 2.0 project will provide tenants AIK Hockey and Djurgårdens IF Hockey with more opportunities to develop.

SGA Fastigheter is seeking “creative” proposals from companies in Sweden or elsewhere.

The company added: “The goal is a solution that does not eliminate what makes the Ericsson Globe unique. In other words, the visitor should be able to continue to experience the spherical architecture and space in the arena.

“For the ice hockey audience, the atmosphere should correspond to that achieved at a crowded game. The Djurgården Hockey and AIK Hockey clubs, as well as Stockholm Live, have been involved in the work since 2016 through continuous dialogue, interviews and workshops with supporters.

“An updated Ericsson Globe will give clubs more opportunities to develop and grow – in addition to contributing incredible memories to tens of thousands of visitors. We are now aiming for the future – together!”

More information and procurement material about the project can be found on www.opic.com. Interested parties can also contact Tendsign at tendsignsupport@visma.com or call +46 10 14 13 300.

Image: Holger.Ellgaard