Upgraded Show Control solution from Daktronics

Daktronics – the South Dakota-based video display provider – has packaged upgraded functions along with greater integration in its Show Control solution which it claims is now used by more than 3,000 customers around the world.

The new offering is a combination of new and existing products that can be packaged for use at any venue for any size of event, and sits across both its display control software (Show Control Studio) and its video production and streaming application (Show Control Live).

“We designed the Show Control products with a consistent platform that can easily be customized to meet current and future needs of any venue with any display system, all from one affordable solution,” said Rich Hintz, Daktronics vice president. “Live events are meant to bring people together to experience something fun and exciting. Show Control is here to help producers provide fully immersive experiences for their audiences with a powerful and easy-to-use system.”

The solution allows producers to combine production efficiency with a lower cost of ownership and operation. It can easily integrate with any audiovisual systems to drive all displays in and around the venue, including full display synchronization with the push of a button. Real-time rendering and broadcast production tools allow teams to create advanced graphics, dynamic transitions and data effects for both streaming and in-venue productions.

While Show Control is powerful enough to support the largest sporting events in the world, it is also easy to use as more than 1,000 high schools across the United States employ the solution to support their events.

“With Show Control, users can be trained easily on the interface and functionality,” added Hintz. “They can increase the complexity of their show as they continue to learn within the platform. Listening to our extensive customer base, we’re always looking to advance our products and are continually working to provide new features to help our customers with their workflows.”

This Daktronics solution includes easy-to-use scripting and scheduling features, as well as advanced run-time reporting capabilities to support revenue-generating objectives of Show Control users. The solution also includes a live back-up system to give users peace of mind during operations.

“Our ongoing development of Show Control demonstrates our commitment to supporting our customers,” said Hintz. “We’re constantly receiving customer feedback and taking action to support those existing and future customers in a way that sets them up for success.”