English Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur has received planning approval for the latest phase of the wider development project connected to its stadium, along with the green light to again raise capacity at the venue.

Tottenham in July entered a planning application for ‘Northumberland Terrace’, the third phase of its masterplan which encompasses the area behind the High Road to the north west of the stadium. The Football.London website said Haringey Council’s planning sub committee has now granted approval for the project, on the recommendation of its planning department.

The redeveloped area will include new commercial office space “catering for use by the creative industry” and ground floor retail units. It will also host a music label and recording studio, with Tottenham stating in its original application that “significant steps” have been taken to secure an anchor tenant who is a “leading figure in the music industry”. A performance space will also be incorporated, as well as public spaces.

Meanwhile, the capacity of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is set to rise by 547 seats, from 62,303 to 62,850, after Council approval. The Council explained this will be the total amount the club can achieve at the facility without significant alterations to the stadium.

The additional seats will be in the lower, mid and upper tiers, as well as the stadium’s showpiece south stand. The Council report states that “the additional seats will be accommodated through minor modifications to the south west and south east tunnels, the insertion of seats in areas such as the lateral gangway in front of the media tribune, through reconfigured access points and the introduction of some demountable terracing to allow greater flexibility between wheelchair platform and standard seating configurations”.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the second-largest in the Premier League, behind only Manchester United’s Old Trafford. The club received approval for the stadium’s most recent capacity increase back in December 2019.

The latest news comes after it was revealed this week that Tottenham would be allowed to claim back significant sums for the costs of its stadium project as part of ‘Project Big Picture’, the proposal to revamp professional football in England that is being driven by Liverpool and United.

Image: Tottenham Hotspur