LaLiga signs government pact to tackle stadium drone incursions

LaLiga, the governing body of the top two divisions of Spanish football, has signed an agreement with the country’s Ministry of Interior to improve security against drones around stadiums.

The agreement, which LaLiga president Javier Tebas signed with Spain’s Secretary of State for Security Rafael Pérez, is designed to increase safety at sporting events held at stadiums.

The Global System Against Drones (Siglo-CD) system will see the Ministry of Interior develop means of detecting and neutralising drones. LaLiga will then install these systems at stadiums across the top two leagues.

The agreement also ensures that a “continuous and standardised treatment” of data gathered will be carried out according to the Siglo-CD system. If anti-drone detection and neutralisation systems are activated and intervention is required, the State Security Forces and Bodies will be responsible for coordinating a response.

LaLiga will install systems in stadiums it deems necessary and provide private security personnel with the means to facilitate the operation of the systems. The agreement between LaLiga and the Ministry of Interior will be valid for four years and will be extendable for a further four years.

Last December, a drone entered Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium during the club’s home match against Real Mallorca. The unsolicited drone was flown around the stadium before being dealt with by a member of security.

Image: Pixabay