#SBS20 Takeaway: Delivering lasting first impressions with Daktronics

When it comes to delivering effective LED content at sports venues, there are three key things to consider: Invite, Engage and Inform.

That’s the view of Trisha Schuver, professional services manager at audiovisual systems provider Daktronics, whose video displays can be seen in numerous venues around the world.

In a session entitled ‘The Visual Experience & First Impressions’ at TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2020, Schuver discussed the importance of creating displays that can draw customers in from the moment they enter the venue.

“Companies rely on their reputation to generate business,” said Schuver during the session, which can be watched in full below.

“Good content can help to immediately engage with guests, clients, partners, employees or consumers visiting that space. It can set the tone for the day and deliver powerful messages with bold graphics and create unique experiences for visitors.”

Schuver cited Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL team and Major League Soccer franchise Atlanta United, as a venue that is able to use imagery to create a powerful first impression.

Daktronics fitted Mercedes-Benz Stadium with 16 video displays, including a stunning 360-degree LED ribbon which dominates the venue.

“The key to what they’re doing is that they’re using their content to invite you to this event, to invite you into this space,” she said. “They’re making you feel the energy of what you are about to experience before you even experience it.”

When it comes to engagement, Schuver questioned the trope that “content is king” and posited whether conversation is in fact more important.

“Most of the time when we think about digital content, we think we need to create content that has a specific message or call to action,” she said. “Although this is necessary in some situations, it isn’t necessary in all.”

Schuver discussed how the Chicago Cubs are able to engage fans in different ways through the same display.

“You are seeing the same display in both photos. It is a full LED wall at the entrance of the Chicago Cubs baseball team’s headquarters. They wanted to create a way to change the look and feel of this space frequently. They wanted to be able to change the mood of this place for games versus non-game days. They wanted to give people something to look at while waiting in the lobby.

“What I love about this installation is how they’ve turned a very large display into such a natural installation in the space based on the use of content. The subtle dimension they add to the graphics in each of these images is absolutely outstanding. It really makes it feel like they are physical objects rather than simply a 2D digital display.”

Schuver went on to discuss how LED content should reflect the company’s goals, values and purpose. Schuver also stressed the importance of thinking about the experience first and then thinking about how technology can be used to create it.

“Technology is fantastic,” she said. “But technology without a purpose is just technology.”

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The Summit returns to Manchester – in person, in the real world – on June 22-23, 2021.