Covermaster’s pitch cover products have been utilised to ensure the maintenance of healthy turf at a stadium in New Delhi, India.

In the Indian capital, sports trading company Chadha worked with one venue as it sought to source the best products to protect their pitches from rain. Based on their research, they turned to Covermaster to manufacture and deliver four full football pitch covers.

The Raincover Premier pitch covers will help maintain the sports complex’s multiple pitches, shielding the surface from the precipitation in New Delhi. 

Measuring almost 7,500m2 per pitch, the covers offer superior performance without the heavy weight of similarly sized covers. Covermaster claims vinyl reinforced handles with centre grommets at 4.5m spacing make Raincover Premier the strongest and lightest in the industry, saving time and labour costs.

The innovative white/silver colour combination helps to minimise heat build-up, which keeps the turf cooler and drier for a healthier playing surface. 

Covermaster said: “Raincovers act as a barrier between the pitch and Mother Nature and work to prevent water from compromising the quality of your playing surface before games and training.

“Gone are the days of rained-out matches – simply pull your cover over your pitch before the rain starts and you can guarantee a game-ready pitch for opening kickoff.”