Covermaster adds M&T Bank Stadium to venue portfolio

M&T Bank Stadium, home of NFL American football team the Baltimore Ravens, is among the latest sports venues to invest in almost 77,000 square feet of Evergreen turf covers by Covermaster.

The turf covers will ensure the pitch at M&T Bank Stadium has an optimal growth environment and is well-protected during the winter. The open-air stadium opened in 1998 and has a capacity of over 71,000.

When it isn’t hosting American football matches, the stadium is multi-purpose, boasting an impressive history of soccer and lacrosse matches, concerts and music festivals and a mass vaccination site during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also been featured in both movies and commercials.

The traffic at M&T Bank Stadium pushes the limits of the venue’s pitch, with Covermaster’s new Evergreen Radiant turf growth blankets having been used to help deal with this.

As the most recent installment of their Evergreen purchase streak over the past six years, M&T Bank Stadium’s grounds crew use the covers to create a greenhouse effect by allowing sun, air, and moisture to penetrate the cover and reach the turf below. Evergreen Radiant turf growth blankets use a specialised silver coating to radiate heat back into the soil (up to a 25% boost in heat retention), which results in thicker, healthier turf with better colour and a longer growing season.

“Easily installed and removed, the frost covers also act as a shield against adverse growing conditions and guards against frost in colder climates,” Covermaster said. “When throwing their two new TarpMate Air Rollers into the mix, their installation and removal time is slashed, making these covers’ everyday use totally realistic.

“Covermaster is proud of their ongoing relationship with the Baltimore Ravens and their grounds crew and looks forward to continuing supplying the NFL team with quality products to help keep their turf performing at its best.”

Image: BruceEmmerling