Venue Twin expands SuiteView tool

Venue Twin, which creates 3D digital perspectives of sports venues, has announced that its SuiteView solution has been expanded to give commercial teams the ability to design and plan corporate hospitality suites.

With Venue Twin already allowing planners to move objects, signage and seating around a 3D version of a stadium or arena, SuiteView will now provide control of every object in a premium suite, enabling customer walk-throughs from any angle.

Seating, video monitors, signage, bars and much more can be created and positioned easily, Venue Twin said.

“We wanted the experience for the team who will use this most – the people who are designing, selling and planning suites for corporate hospitality – to be so seamless and cool it’s actually fun,” said Paul Foster, CEO of OnePlan, Venue Twin’s parent company.

“To be able to create anything the client can imagine, and make fast decisions on how it affects the rest of the space and the sightlines of the action, is a powerful sales tool.”

Venue Twin is integrated with OnePlan, the event-planning software used by the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Brooklyn Nets, World Triathlon and over 2,000 events across 50 countries.

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