AMB Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, has launched AMBSE Ventures, a new venture fund focused on entrepreneurs and early-stage companies which specialise in areas such as fan engagement.

AMBSE Ventures will be led by Steve Cannon, chief executive of AMB Sports and Entertainment.

The fund will focus on five core investment verticals: fan engagement, sports performance and analytics, live event operations, emerging sports and entertainment, and media and corporate partnerships.

The fan engagement vertical will focus on tools and services that can drive engagement by fans with clubs, leagues or venues including second screen, artificial and virtual reality, sports betting and sports fantasy.

Sports performance and analytics will cover new technologies relating to athlete development, injury prevention and performance tracking, while live event operations will focus on technology solutions that can improve operations and the event experience for fans.

Emerging sports and entertainment will centre on content, platforms and engagement in areas such as esports, sports betting, mobile gaming and content management, while media and corporate partnerships will focus on digital media tools and platforms that are either for or connect fans with media and sponsors.

AMB Sports and Entertainment hopes AMBSE Ventures will offer unique advantages to emerging businesses and entrepreneurs.

Cannon said: “AMBSE Ventures is an evolution of a thriving, innovative organisation led by a team uniquely positioned to draw on decades of experience and success in multiple fan and customer engagement sectors.

“Our intention is to be at the forefront of new opportunities to better serve our fans and, more broadly, other clubs, businesses and communities across the sports and entertainment landscape. We will look for like-minded, vision-driven entrepreneurs that will help position us to drive game-changing innovation across sports and entertainment.”

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which serves as the home of the Falcons and Atlanta United, opened in 2017. In March 2019, the 71,000-seat stadium became the first NFL and MLS venue to implement a complete cashless transaction model.

Image: Mercedes-Benz Stadium