The Principia, an esteemed private school in St. Louis, Missouri, was so pleased with the results of their Covermaster Evergreen turf covers that the sister school in Elsah, Illinois decided to go with the same product for their soccer pitch.

The Principia gave rave reviews of the covers, describing their field as in “excellent shape.” The school has been receiving many compliments on the condition of their playing surface. “I think they’ve definitely helped improve the conditions for growth and resilience during the winter.”

In turn, Principia College ordered 89,000 square feet of Evergreen Original turf blankets, allowing the school to just as successfully protect and maintain their soccer field year-round. The four sections arrived late last year, providing protection against the hazards of winter weather.

Evergreen Original winter turf covers create a greenhouse effect by allowing sun, air, and moisture to reach the turf below. Excess heat is released through a unique lace coating, creating optimal growing conditions while providing a protective barrier for all types of turf. Easy to install, Evergreen turf covers can be quickly laid down to protect against frost or increase the speed of growth after repairs.

Investing in turf growth blankets keeps teams on the field for a longer playing season by delaying fall dormancy and creating earlier spring greenups. Truly a four-season maintenance tool, players will enjoy thicker turf with better colour game after game.

Image: Covermaster