Real Madrid members to vote on increased debt to fund stadium plans

Real Madrid’s board wants to increase borrowing to pay for extra costs within the extensive Bernabéu Stadium revamp.

Real officials have outlined plans for an Extraordinary Assembly later this month when members will be asked to vote on whether the club can spend more on the stadium project. The extra money will “fund works not included initially in the remodelling”, the club said in a note to members, according to Marca.

The club has access to €575m to fund the Bernabéu project, although just €279m of that has so far been earmarked. It is estimated the enhancements will likely bring the 30-year finance repayment total of €29m up to €35m.

The additional funds will be for technology enhancements under the retractable grass field. A complex ventilation and climate system, LED heat lamps, a controlled watering system, and ultraviolet light treatment are all going to be added to enhance the playing surface.

The adaptable playing surface could help to generate some €100m in revenue from stadium events annually, with the club seeking to host events all year round. A new video released this week outlines plans to host NFL and NBA games, tennis tournaments and even fairs and conferences.

The pitch is stored in a 30m cave under the stand on the side of the Paseo de la Casetallana. The idea at the Bernabeu is to create a system of rails on which seven or eight plates of about 10 metres in width will circulate and be stored in the below-ground cave, one on top of the other.

The Extraordinary Assembly on November 20 will take place on the same day as the General Assembly, when the club will present its financial report for 2020-21 and the budget for the coming year.

The stadium, when it is complete, will feature a fixed and retractable roof and steel surround skin that will be capable of projecting imagery and illuminating the venue. While the stadium’s capacity will remain at 81,000, it will be 10m higher due to the installation of the roof system.