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Bendac Group to launch ‘digital green screen’ at TheStadiumBusiness Summit

Bendac Group has chosen TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2021 for the world launch of its ‘digital green screen’ which is set to change the way pre- and post-match interviews are presented.

The company has worked alongside Brompton, Mo-Sys and Unreal Engine on the product, which will be showcased at the Summit through a miniature, mobile XR/VP set up. The product includes a wide range of features applicable to a variety of applications, across a range of verticals.

Featuring a 2.6mm wall and 3.9mm floor, the XR studio boasts 240 frames per second with a 7680hz refresh rate. It will also utilise Brompton’s market leading Tessera processing system along with Mo-Sys’ VP pro XR and StarTracker hardware and software in order to provide an unrivalled, full turnkey solution for XR/VP applications. 

XR/VP studios have been gaining traction of late, owing to not only the intelligent software suitable for a wide variety of applications, but also due to a range of cost, environmental and internal workflow elements that the technology can support. 

One of the most prominent and useful features of these studios is how efficient they can be when it comes to time saving. By having a studio capable of displaying almost any location on earth, the need for on-location sets and in turn, long, expansive timelines are significantly reduced.

Bendac believes that mobile XR studios such as its own make for easier reshoots, with the product able to be reused for sequels or alternative media. The studios also enable more efficient production as post and pre-production are essentially combined. 

Accompanied by reduced cost of individuals and kit travelling far and wide, as well as sustainability and limited emissions from shooting in one location rather than many areas, the XR studio can be used to efficiently shoot film for live broadcasts, entertainment, marketing purposes, educational videos, and training sessions without the need for consideration of a variety of traditional factors.

The XR/VP studio launch is one of great significance to not only the Bendac Group but the wider AV industry as a whole. As a leader in LED display technology, with strong connections to a variety of industries (inclusive of entertainment and sport), the Bendac Group is strategically placed, with access to state-of-the-art LED displays, to support an XR/VP set up and a team of professional, in-house content creators, capable of delivering striking and memorable content without the need for outsourcing. 

The Bendac Group counts innovation as “integral” to its success and prides itself as a company that designs and develops industry-leading solutions to address and overcome industry-wide issues. Its team has the capacity to create and manage entire processes, from initial concept stage, through to the completion of the production of mind-blowing content.