Evergreen Turf Covers go to work in new Nashville SC Stadium

Next year will mark another milestone for the Nashville Soccer Club as they kick off the 2022 season in the newly built Nashville SC Stadium, being touted as the largest soccer-specific stadium in the US.

The team joined Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2020, playing home matches at Nissan Stadium as they wait for the completion of the 30,000-seat venue located on the historic Nashville Fairgrounds. Once the new turf is installed, the stadium will use one of the most popular products from Covermaster to develop an optimal playing surface.

About 96,000 square feet of Evergreen Radiant turf covers, along with five Tarpmate Air Rollers, will help the grounds crews both protect and grow the stadium’s new turf for the spring season. The winter turf covers have a specialised silver coating designed to radiate additional heat back into the soil, creating a greenhouse effect that promotes faster growth for earlier spring green-up.

Turf growth covers not only offer protection from damaging conditions like wind desiccation, erosion, frost, and winter kill. They’ve been proven to extend the growing season by delaying fall dormancy and producing thicker turf with better colour. Easy to install, the lightweight winter turf blankets are ideal in many situations, whether it’s a sudden weather change or a quick turf repair.

Evergreen Radiant turf blankets were the first choice for the Nashville stadium, ensuring that the grounds crew have the right turf management tools in place for the best field conditions.

Image: Covermaster