RAINCOVER PREMIER™ Keeps University of Michigan Field Hockey in Play

Ice and field hockey may have their similarities, but when it comes to the playing surface the two couldn’t be more different.

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is playing host to this year’s NCAA Division I field hockey championship in November on the Phyllis Ocker Field Hockey field. The field was upgraded in 2017 to a top-rated synthetic surface that will be protected this season by a RAINCOVER PREMIER™ athletic field cover from COVERMASTER®. November weather can be unpredictable in northern states like Michigan and preventing the field from freezing is essential in maintaining safe playing conditions.

The university isn’t new to Raincover football field tarps. It was a valuable tool when the school hosted the same championship competition in 2015 and they opted to go with the identical tarp this year. Just over 79,000 square feet of RAINCOVER PREMIER™ divided into three sections was delivered to the stadium in advance of the event. With Velcro closures and handles at 15-foot intervals around the perimeter, the lightweight football field cover is easy to install, remove, and store with a minimum of crew members.

The dual-side white and silver tarp offers superior strength, UV resistance, and heat-reflective properties, making it a wise choice in long-lasting field protection.