Brisbane Bullets aim for fan XP boost with Komo

The National Basketball League’s (NBL) Brisbane Bullets have partnered with audience engagement platform Komo to enhance and personalise fan encounters at Nissan Arena and beyond.

Komo’s Digital SaaS platform is a fully customisable microsite designed to increased connection with fans, while also capturing first-party data in a non-intrusive way. It is hoped the partnership will also provide benefits to the Bullets sponsor family, allowing for innovative marketing tactics to convert and reward fans, driving clear and measurable sponsorship ROI.

The Bullets believe that by integrating the Komo platform for in-stadium engagement and across social media, they will increase fan loyalty and connectivity, regardless of their location. 

“We know that sports fans are no longer bound by the time or location of a game. Our online channels create a continual stream of brand engagement for our community,” said Michael Buchanan, Brisbane Bullets’ head of commercial.

“Bringing Komo on board is really going to heighten how customised that online experience is and give us incredible insight into what our fans are connecting with. This level of understanding feeds our sponsorship and marketing strategy, and ensures we are investing in experiences our fans want to be a part of.”

The Bullets play at the 5,000-capacity Nissan Arena, and have recently signed up a number of new partners.

Joel Steel, Komo chief executive, said: “There is no denying that social media has created an accessible and low-cost opportunity for brands to connect with fans, and create online encounters. But with this, comes an overload of content and highly competitive space in user’s feeds.  The customised nature of Komo creates that cut-through that will make fans easier to reach, driving an increased level of fan engagement.”

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash