SC Freiburg solar energy installation to begin in May

Bundesliga team SC Freiburg has selected the energy contracting partner that will complete European football’s biggest solar power project at its new Europa-Park Stadion.

BadenovaWÄRMEPLUS, a subsidiary of Badenova, has been tasked with installing 6,000 modules on the roof of the arena from May 2022. The partner will install high-performance modules supplied by Swiss photovoltaic company Meyer Burger.

The solar installation will produce around 2.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year and thus cover the annual electricity requirements of the team.

The system, with a peak output of 2.4 megawatts, will take up an area of 15,000 square meters on the roof of the 35,000-capacity stadium, which opened in November 2021.

“In order to meet both the high sustainability standards of the city of Freiburg and the SC Freiburg team, as well as our own, we have deliberately picked high-performance modules that are manufactured in Germany,” said Heinz-Werner Hölscher, Badenova’s chief executive.

In a statement, Meyer Burger said: “The modules, sustainably manufactured in Germany, deliver significantly more energy yield from the same surface area than conventional solar modules. Meyer Burger was able to prevail over Asian manufacturers of standard solar modules with its attractive bundle of product benefits.

“Stadiums are particularly suitable for sustainable, decentralised energy generation from solar energy due to their large shadow-free areas.”

Earlier this month, SC Freiburg reached a resolution in a long-standing legal dispute which meant it was unable to play games at its new stadium in the evening or on Sunday afternoons. A long-running dispute over noise pollution was ended by way of a settlement. The legal dispute was between six plaintiffs from the Mooswald district of Freiburg im Breisgau and Stadion Freiburg Objektträger, the joint stadium company operated by the club and the City of Freiburg.

An SC Freiburg spokesman told recently: “The settlement ensures that we will be able to host league matches regardless of their kick-off times. This ensures compliance with the league regulations and allows for more planning security.

“We also believe that this settlement will contribute to creating a partnership with the surrounding neighbourhoods and we are therefore very happy about this outcome.”

Image: Badenova