Empower Field at Mile High suffers fire damage

Investigations have been launched after a fire broke out at Empower Field at Mile High yesterday (Thursday), affecting the stadium bowl and corporate areas of the home of NFL American football franchise the Denver Broncos.

While the incident yesterday afternoon was quickly brought under control by Denver Fire Department, it led to around 1,000 square feet of the stadium being affected.

Stadium officials said the blaze occurred in a “construction zone” near the East Club Lounge at Empower Field at Mile High, adding that area of the stadium was quickly evacuated as a precaution and there were no injuries sustained.

“This fire burned very hot… we’re lucky the sprinkler system started to hold the fire in check,” said Denver Fire Department Captain, Greg Pixley, according to the Denver Post. “This was a significant fire.”

The fire started in the fourth-floor suites area of the stadium and burned seats on the third level.

“The sprinklers were working… but the significance of a fire like this, with the amount of petroleum products burning, creates significant heat,” said Pixley. “Those sprinklers did as best as they could and our firefighters were able to place hose lines to reduce the amount of damage.”

While further details about the cause of the fire are under investigation, Pixley added that his Department will also assess whether the stadium has suffered any significant structural damage.

Image: Denver Fire Department