Roma ‘presents plans’ for new stadium

Italian Serie A football club AS Roma has resumed its ambitions of developing a new stadium by presenting plans for a new facility in the Pietralata quarter of Rome.

According to Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, Roma has issued the first draft of a project that would see a stadium with a seating capacity of between 55,000 and 60,000 developed on a 47,000 square metre plot of land owned by the Municipality of Rome.

The land is located behind Tiburtina, one of Rome’s main railway stations, with public transport being targeted for between 52% and 60% of fans to travel to the stadium.

Roma is said to be targeting an English-style stadium, with Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium an inspiration. In the preliminary study presented by Roma to the Municipality, accompanying works are also planned such as a shopping centre, hotel and restaurants.

La Repubblica notes that the emergence of the project comes after recent comments on a potential new Roma stadium from the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri. He said: “We must take into account the seriousness and feasibility of the projects in order not to make another hole in the water as has happened in the past. Nobody wants this.

“During the election campaign we said that on this issue we need seriousness and facts, not words and continuous announcements. I want to continue on this line. There is an ongoing conversation with Roma, which I want to thank for the professionalism and confidentiality with which they are carrying out this subject. When we have concluded it, we will talk about it.”

The Pietralata proposal marks the first substantial move on a new stadium by Roma’s American owners, the Friedkin Group, since the club in February 2021 dropped plans for a new stadium in the Tor di Valle neighbourhood of the city.

Roma had long held plans for a new stadium in Tor di Valle but a change in ownership at the club in August 2020 cast fresh doubt over the project. Following February 2021’s announcement, the club said it was still committed to exploring options for a new stadium at a number of sites.

The Stadio della Roma project was central to former owner James Pallotta’s long-held vision for the club, which has shared the Stadio Olimpico (pictured) with cross-city rival SS Lazio since it opened in 1953. The project, which was first put forward in February 2012, centred on a 52,500-seat stadium but was hit by a number of delays.

Image: AS Roma