Galle cricket stadium roof collapses

The roof on a temporary grandstand at the famous Galle International Stadium collapsed about an hour before play was due to start on day two of the cricket Test between Sri Lanka and Australia this (Thursday) morning.

The roof, which covered a concreted seating area, buckled under torrential rain and strong winds, but no spectators were in the structure when the incident happened.

The stand had been full on day one of the contest.

In the minutes before the incident, metal sheets from the eastern stand, which had only been secured by rope in the days before the match, could be seen becoming loose.

A series of large glass panels at the front of a marquee also fell and smashed in the weather conditions, while banners attached to the fence at the southern end of the ground also became dislodged.

Broadcast camera platforms were also damaged during the storm.

Play resumed later in the day after the bad weather subsided.

The 35,000-capacity stadium, set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, is widely considered to be one of the world’s most picturesque cricket grounds.

Image: Adam Collins/Twitter