Tokyo to create Olympic and Paralympic Parks at Games venues

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced the creation of Olympic and Paralympic Parks at symbolic venues and areas which hosted the Games last summer.

The designation has been given to two areas: Ariake, which includes the Ariake Arena, Seaside Park, Urban Sports Park and Gymnastics Centre; and Musashino Forest, which includes Musashinonomori Park, Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, and Tokyo Stadium.

The facilities and park that served as competition venues during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be considered as a combined area.

Tokyo will also install legacy exhibits such as ‘Site of the Games’ plaques, Olympic and Paralympic cauldrons, and Olympic and Paralympic murals to commemorate the Games.

Legacy plaques will be installed at competition and non-competition venues, with additional plaques to be installed by municipalities on the bicycle road and Paralympic marathon course and other Games-related locations, such as the torch relay route, training venues and pre-Games training camps.

Of the seven Olympic and Paralympic symbols installed during the Games, three will be reinstalled on the waterfront and Mt. Takao areas. All 13 giant Games mascots will also remain in the locations where they were installed during the Games.

During the Olympics, the Games-time cauldron was installed on the Ariake side of the Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge in the Tokyo waterfront area. In October, the cauldron will be reinstalled in Symbol Promenade Park and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will maintain it as a precious legacy of the Games and use it to enliven the waterfront area.

Additionally, the Paralympic Mural and the Olympic Truce Mural, which were installed in the Olympic and Paralympic Village during the Games, will be installed at Tokyo Metropolitan facilities as a legacy of the Games.

Image: Shinnosuke Ando on Unsplash