Fan Experience

Detroit Lions tap Trace3 to enhance fan experience

Featured image credit: Ian121289S/CC BY-SA 3.0/Edited for size

The Detroit Lions NFL team has partnered with IT solutions provider Trace3, whose data intelligence expertise will be used to enhance the fan experience at Ford Field.

The deal names Trace3 as the Lions’ official analytics partner. The partnership will include the construction of the Trace3 Analytics War Room, which will be housed on-site at Ford Field.

From this room, the Lions’ data analytics team will focus on optimising the game-day experience through monitoring of real-time metrics from ticketing, concessions, retail, attendance, parking and more.

Ashton Mullinix, senior vice-president of strategy and analytics for the Lions, said: “We have a strategy and vision for the Detroit Lions to continue as a leading voice in analytics within the NFL for years to come. The collaboration with Trace3 on designing, building and supporting our new platform will allow us to take us a step closer to achieving those long-term goals.”

Rich Fennessy, chief executive of Trace3, added: “Trace3 specialises in working with enterprise clients to identify the overall strategy, tools, and processes required to support IT organisations throughout their decision-making process. We look forward to building an analytics room in the heart of Ford Field for the Lions using best of breed technology.”

The Lions hosted the Philadelphia Eagles at Ford Field yesterday (Sunday) in the season opener. The Eagles won the game 38-35.

Trace3 holds strategic partnerships with a range of tech companies, including AWS, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Google Cloud and Microsoft.