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ZSC Lions unveil Swiss Life Arena

Swiss Life Arena in Zurich, Switzerland

Images: ZSC Lions

National League (NL) ice hockey club ZSC Lions has unveiled the Swiss Life Arena ahead of the team’s first game in the new Zurich venue later this month.

After 13 years of planning and three and a half years of construction, the 12,000-capacity arena is now complete and will be officially unveiled for the Lions’ NL game against Fribourg-Gotteron on October 18.

Designed by Caruso St John Architects, the Lions will be the main tenant of what will be the most modern arena in Switzerland. However, it has been designed to be multi-functional with other sports aside from ice hockey set to be hosted, along with corporate and sponsors events. Swiss Life Arena is due to be a host venue during the Floorball World Championship from November 5-13.

The opening date for Swiss Life Arena was pushed back in March due to problems relating to the venue’s roof. The venue had been due to open in time for the start of the Swiss ice hockey season in September. Abnormalities with individual screws used in the roof construction meant that the Lions’ first game at the arena was delayed.

Commenting on the facility’s competition, Peter Zahner, CEO of ZSC Lions, said: “We are ready for exciting ice hockey games, full spectator stands and sporting events of all kinds. The anticipation is huge.”

Swiss Life Arena intends to be a showcase project in terms of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The arena is connected to the Altstetten and Höngg energy network, which will supply up to 30,000 households with environmentally friendly heat. 

Michael Baumer, Councillor and Head of Industrial Operations for the City of Zurich, said: “The City of Zurich is proud of the Swiss Life Arena. The technology of the new arena combines ecology and economy by using synergies between cold production and the resulting waste heat. This makes the new arena a role model far beyond Zurich.” 

The surrounding office buildings will receive air conditioning from the arena and waste heat from the ice production will be used on site and for the district heating network. The electricity consumed in the Swiss Life Arena is 100% CO2-free, coming from renewable sources. In addition, a photovoltaic system is installed on the roof, with the electricity produced used directly in the arena.

Technology partner Samsung has equipped the Swiss Life Arena with the latest LED and LCD displays, and playback solutions. This includes the largest LED video cube installed in a European ice hockey arena, measuring 12 x 12 x 8 metres.

Catering partner SV Group will provide a wide gastronomic offer ranging from classic arena food for the 12,000 fans, pub specialties in the ‘1930’ sports bar and Italian classics in the ‘ZETT’ restaurant, to fine dining in the Swiss Life Lounge and the boxes for over 1,200 guests.