Seattle Seahawks now has US sport’s largest Just Walk Out offering

Lumen Field’s District Market

Featured image credit: Seattle Seahawks

Lumen Field’s District Market

Featured image credit: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks is set to expand its Just Walk Out checkout-free retail offering to become the largest in US sport.

Speaking to Forbes, Zach Hensley, the NFL team’s vice-president of operations and general manager of Lumen Field, said the Just Walk Out and Amazon One technologies have proved such a hit since being introduced in a single District Market store in September that three new spaces will open ahead of this weekend’s game against Las Vegas Raiders.

The three new additions replace more traditional kiosks on the main concourse. According to Hensley, the decision was made after the District Market saw a 74% increase in customer throughput and total transactions per game doubled compared to the previous design.

“We looked at traffic flow into areas, not only flow, but increase of variety,” Hensley said.

According to Hensley, the new checkout-free stands will not serve hot food but will allow for an increase of beverage services by as much as 30%. The dry snack options, which stood at just one or two selections per stand, can now increase to up to eight differing products.

Additional Amazon One sign-up stations will be positioned on the concourse, but fans still have the option for a dip-and-pay credit card experience typical at a Just Walk Out technology-enabled store.

Jon Jenkins, vice-president of Amazon’s Just Walk Out, told Forbes: “We are advancing from the one large store in the main concourse of stadiums and are starting to work with customers on leveraging the technology more broadly, particularly in the upper levels of stadiums which are historically underserved in terms of speed and technology.”

Lumen Field became the first NFL stadium to implement both Just Walk Out and Amazon One technologies in a single store when District Market opened in September. The store was opened in collaboration with Lumen Field’s hospitality partner, Levy, and DBK Studio, Levy’s innovation studio.