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Camp Nou partial demolition project completed

An artist’s impression of the remodelled Camp Nou

Featured image credit: FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona’s capacity will be reduced in the coming weeks due to partial demolition work undertaken during the World Cup break.

The Spotify Camp Nou was down to a maximum 74,799 seats ahead of last night’s UEFA Women’s Champions League game against Bayern Munich because of work in the third tier. Barcelona’s female team won 3-0, with 46,967 in attendance – the highest ever attendance for a Women’s Champions League group stage game. Their next UWCL fixture, on December 21, is the next game scheduled at the Camp Nou.

The club has accelerated its restructuring project during November and December with no men’s team fixtures scheduled until December 31 because of the suspension of LaLiga due to the World Cup taking place in Qatar.

The current phase of work also entails different effects on gates into the ground. Access to the outside perimeter be the same as ever, but some gates into the stadium itself will be closed, especially in the South Goal area.

FC Barcelona said: “The club is issuing a series of recommendations for fans coming to the game to ensure smooth entry to the ground, and guarantee that everyone gets to their allocated seat in the Spotify Camp Nou quickly and comfortably.”

The club said the work on the southern end of the stadium, the epicentre of Espai Barça, will continue through November and will end on December 30.

On September 1, preliminary work on preparing the area began with the dismantling of equipment and installations and the temporary relocation of the systems and technology infrastructure, in liaison with the operators who are providing the new connectivity network at the stadium in order to minimise the risk and impact of services. The South Goal video scoreboard and the seats in the affected area were then removed in order to adapt the section in preparation for the demolition activity.