Twickenham introduces ‘alfresco auditorium’ with pitch-side conferencing

Featured image credit: Twickenham

Twickenham Stadium is making the venue’s seating bowl available for conferences with space for up to 1,000 delegates.

Twickenham will combine its mobile screens and staging set-ups with conference hospitality to offer a “striking and original” conference environment. The initiative comes after the stadium received a number of larger conference enquiries.

Delegates will be able to get nearer to the pitch and experience the stadium bowl more closely. The move allows Twickenham to expand its conference capacity to 3,000.

The stadium bowl can be used alongside any of the venue’s existing 34 event spaces, or 150 pitch-facing boxes. The initiative will be utilised during the warmer months of the year.

Johanna Byrane, head of business development at Twickenham, said: “More and more of our clients are asking for ‘more Twickenham’ and to get closer to where the action takes place.

“They come to us because we can help them deliver big brand messaging in a unique way. Using the in-built bowl seating really ups the experience and carries a bigger punch for the event.”

Byrane added: “The technical infrastructure that we already have in place is outstanding. Using our existing jumbo screens and now with our mobile screen options, we can put huge presentations, branding or video right in front of our audience in high definition and with the same level of connectivity to stream and beam the content around the world.

“We then complement that experience with first-class hospitality either staying pitch-side or back within our main conference spaces. It’s an ‘alfresco auditorium’, a new way of doing things and the feedback has been really strong from our customers.”