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San Fernando set to remodel stadium

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Spanish football club San Fernando has revealed plans to redevelop its Estadio Bahía Sur home ground into a multi-purpose venue.

According to local reports, designs are being finalised and the proposals have already received the backing of the local authority, with final approval possibly set to be given this month.

The plans for the €6m (£5.1m/$6.4m) development have been drawn up by local architect Manuel Díaz Periñan, who is also a member of the club. Periñan held a meeting earlier today (Wednesday) with Mayor Patricia Cavada to run through the designs.

The total project will span an area of 25,500 square metres, of which some 10,500 square metres will be dedicated to transport infrastructure, parking and green space.

Estadio Bahía Sur currently has a capacity of about 8,000, but the remodelling work to convert the venue to a capacity of 7,000 will allow for an additional 1,500 seats to be added at a later stage, if required. Under the current plans, there will be 84 spaces in the stadium for spectators of restricted mobility.

Cádiz-based San Fernando competes in Group 2 of the Primera Federación, which sits below the top two LaLiga tiers in Spanish football.

Neither funding arrangements nor timelines for the development have been fully disclosed at this stage.