Allegiant Stadium claims NFL first by going 100% renewable

Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

Featured image credit: Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium have claimed an NFL first after announcing the venue’s conversion to 100% renewable energy.

The milestone has been achieved with partner NV Energy, which produces the renewable power locally in Nevada for the stadium and its other customers.

Stadium officials said the use of renewable energy will help minimise its environmental footprint and significantly reduce energy use costs.

The announcement comes on the heels of Allegiant Stadium obtaining LEED Gold Certification in July.

“Allegiant Stadium is excited to reach this tremendous milestone in our ongoing sustainability efforts,” said Allegiant Stadium’s general manager Chris Wright.

“It has been and will continue to be our mission to develop and improve sustainable policies that reduce our environmental footprint while bringing world-class concerts, sporting events, and corporate events to Las Vegas.

“It is an honour to be the first stadium in North America to reach this achievement and to set the standard for what is possible as we continue to make an impact on the Las Vegas community and beyond.”

Cost stability

NV Energy said the renewable energy solution utilised by Allegiant Stadium guarantees cost stability now and for years to come for the stadium.

Doug Cannon, NV Energy president and chief executive, said: “This project is emblematic of our commitment to meeting our customers’ unique energy needs and identifying an innovative path forward to meet the Raiders’ and Allegiant Stadium’s vision of being the first NFL team and stadium powered by all renewable energy – this renewable energy project is a win for the environment and demonstrates NV Energy’s ongoing commitment to powering Nevada with more sustainable energy.”

Allegiant Stadium’s other sustainability commitments include waste diversion, food scrap collection and the composting of field grass clippings.