Auckland fielding eight proposals for stadium development

Featured image credit: Eden Park

Eight proposals have been put forward for a major stadium development project in Auckland, New Zealand.

According to the website, six “relative newcomers” have made pitches to Auckland Council.

Another proposal has been put forward from Eden Park, which in April presented plans to fit a new retractable roof and a new North Stand, while a separate proposal centres on a new venue led by the Auckland Waterfront Consortium.

It emerged in May that plans for the waterfront stadium were set to be resurrected, almost five years after they were first revealed. The waterfront project could potentially go head-to-head with Eden Park’s proposed redevelopment, but six other proposals have now entered the picture.

In a statement reported by Stuff, Auckland’s stadium working group said: “These proposals will be analysed by various experts to ensure all relevant and detailed information is received.

“The proposals were asked to provide detailed information including finance, build concepts, how it will be funded, ethical and social sustainability, collaboration and innovation that will meet the increasing needs of Auckland through sustainable events including sport, concerts, festivals.”

The stadium working group has been created by Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown. No specific details have been provided on the six private developers that have submitted proposals.

The Eden Park 2.0 plan (pictured) includes initiatives relating to modernisation, sustainability and connectivity. A new retractable roof at the stadium would enable it to host events throughout the year.

Reports of the planned revival of the waterfront stadium project emerged just a week after Eden Park had outlined its redevelopment plans. The Auckland Waterfront Consortium’s initial vision, revealed in 2018, centred on a NZ$1.8bn (£864m/€993m/$1bn) project that would include a 50,000-seat, fully enclosed stadium.