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Plans outlined for new football stadium and arena in Aalborg

Featured image credit: AaB/CF Møller Architects

Plans have been announced for a new 30,000-capacity football stadium and a 12,000-capacity arena in Aalborg, Denmark.

The plans have been backed by Danish second-tier club AaB, the Danish Football Union (DBU), and Aalborg’s ice hockey and handball teams.

SIFA, an umbrella organisation for sports federations in the town, is also supporting the plans, along with the Spar Nord Arena, Aalborg Væddeløpsbane (Aalborg Racecourse), the Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, and Erhverv Norddanmark, a local business development agency.

The plans also include a modernisation of the Aalborg Kongres & Kulture Center, which currently has a capacity of 3,000 and is used for exhibitions and concerts.

“The starting point for the vision is that Aalborg, as a regional capital, must be able to host international sporting events in all major sports, just as Aalborg must be able to hold concerts and trade fairs on a large scale,” said Rasmus Haugaard, chairman of Erhverv Norddanmark.

AaB, which competes in the 1st Division following relegation from the Superliga last season, currently plays at the 14,000-capacity Aalborg Portland Park. Aalborg’s Håndbold and Aalborg Pirates, the town’s handball and ice hockey teams, play at the 5,000-capacity Gigantium arena.

“It is not possible to sufficiently expand the existing facilities at Aalborg Stadion, Gigantium or Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center,” added Haugaard. “Therefore, the vision calls for the Spar Nord Arena – Aalborg Væddeløpsbane to be moved outside the city centre, so that the areas on and by the racetrack can be used for the establishment of a new football stadium with a capacity of up to 30,000 spectators. 

“In addition to being the home ground for AaB, the new stadium will be able to attract international matches at all levels to Aalborg – and the city will be able to hold large-scale concerts.”

An arena with a capacity of at least 12,000 would help attract indoor concerts to Aalborg, as well as hosting handball games. The plans have been presented to Mayor of Aalborg Lasse Frimand Jensen, who supports the vision.

DBU chairman Jesper Møller added: “I am impressed that it has been possible to get so many stakeholders in sports, culture and business to collaborate on the vision. There is also reason to praise the representatives of Aalborg Municipality, led by the mayor, for so quickly accepting the plans positively. 

“This bodes well for the upcoming process. If the plans can be realised, Aalborg will have state-of-the-art facilities, and will be able to meet the new UEFA requirements regarding ESG, including climate, environment and sustainability in relation to the running of UEFA matches and tournaments.”