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Design & Development

Contract signed for redevelopment of Bogotá’s El Campín

Featured image credit: IDRD

Bogotá’s District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD) has signed a concession contract for a public-private partnership that will oversee the development of the El Campín Sports and Cultural Complex, which will be anchored by a new 46,500-capacity Estadio El Campín.

The contract was signed on Friday at the current stadium, which has a capacity of around 39,000. The contract will run for 29 years.

The City of Bogotá announced at the end of 2023 that work was set to begin on the wide-ranging development, which will see a 174,000-square-metre plot transformed into a “meeting point” for culture, tourism, recreation and sport in the Colombian capital.

The closure of the agreement with the Asociación Público Privada Complejo Cultural Y Deportivo El Campín (CDEC S.A.S.) consortium came after the project had been backed by former Bogotá Mayor Claudia López Hernández.

Located in Teusaquillo and inaugurated on August 10, 1938, El Campín is the largest and most iconic stadium in Bogotá. The new stadium will comply with FIFA and South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) standards.

The project is expected to create more than 4,500 jobs. The IDRD said the new-look stadium will have a minimum capacity of 46,500, which could be increased further depending on the requirements of the event.

The stadium will have a retractable roof, boxes and VIP areas, restaurants, expanded stands, and more accessible spaces for people with reduced mobility. An auditorium will also be constructed.

Work on the stadium has been delayed slightly, with a pre-construction phase now set to begin following the conclusion of this year’s U20 Women’s World Cup, which takes place in Colombia from August 31 to September 22. Construction will commence next year and is expected to take around three and a half years.

The project will be carried out in stages, with the demolition and construction of each stand. The east stand will be demolished first.

Following the signing of the contract on Friday, current Mayor Carlos Fernando Gálan said: “We are very excited to take this step, which is essential to advance the PPP process and formalise the concession that will allow us to transform this important area of the city into a large sports, cultural and entertainment complex for the enjoyment of citizens.

“This is without a doubt the most important social infrastructure project that will be developed for the city, with purely private resources, without the District and the people of Bogotá having to invest a single peso, which allows us to dedicate our resources to social investment.”

IDRD director Daniel García Cañón added: “This signing represents a solid commitment on the part of the District and the concessionaire to advance a comprehensive transformation for the benefit of citizens. The IDRD is proud to lead this initiative that will not only boost the local economy and generate employment, but will also position Bogotá as the epicentre of international sporting, cultural and entertainment events.”