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AZ seeking to develop AFAS Stadion site

Christiaan Peetoom (L) and Robert Eenhoorn (R)

Featured image credit: AZ

Dutch Eredivisie football club AZ has said investigations are underway into developing the land around its AFAS Stadion.

AZ has joined forces with the Municipality of Alkmaar to determine whether the site can be “enriched with various functions and attractive facilities”.

In collaboration with the Municipality, AZ said it is seeking to investigate whether a spatially, financially and socially feasible redevelopment plan is possible on the land around the stadium, which first opened in 2006.

A feasibility study will be carried out to examine various functions and combinations, such as sports and social uses. It is expected that the feasibility study will be ready for discussion with the municipal council next year.

The council can then indicate a preference, after which that variant is developed. This will be followed by a formal procedure to draw up a new environmental plan.

Robert Eenhoorn, general manager of AZ, said: “At AZ we are continuously looking for opportunities for development and improvement within all aspects of the club. In this case, this applies to development of the area around the stadium in Alkmaar.

“A place where, provided we carefully explore the options, we may be able to achieve much more. We will be working on this in the near future. The collaboration with the Municipality of Alkmaar is very constructive and we want to explore together where we can further improve the area for the supporters of AZ and Alkmaar as a whole.”

Christiaan Peetoom, Sports Councillor at the Municipality of Alkmaar, added: “Developing the area around the AZ stadium will give it a more attractive appearance that fits in even better with the Boekelermeer business park and our city centre.

“It is therefore good that we explore the possibilities together. The AFAS Stadion gives Alkmaar that typical Alkmaar entrance and the environment must reflect this.” 

According to, while the focus is on the stadium site, two large parking lots located across the N242 road are included in the study. The Municipality is currently unclear whether future development could include large retail, catering or housing projects.

It said: “We will jointly examine whether a spatially, financially and socially feasible plan can be drawn up. For now, we do not yet know which specific functions are possible. We will first take a broad look at what functions may be possible. When there is more clarity about the options, the council will be involved and examine which functions are considered suitable.”