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Expansion proposed for Criciúma stadium

Featured image credit: Vinícius Barbosa Vieira/CC BY 2.0/Edited for size

Plans have been presented for an expansion of Estádio Heriberto Hülse, home of Campeonato Brasileiro Série A football club Criciúma.

The stadium has a current capacity of around 19,000 but the deliberative council in the city of Criciúma has proposed a considerable expansion that would enable it to seat 33,000 fans.

Brazilian news outlet GE has reported that no timeline has been given for the project, but it would be divided into three stages.

The first phase would add around 2,400 new seats, the second would include a further 5,100 seats, and the third would focus on the construction of an on-site hotel and expanding the venue’s commercial offering.

Council president Guilherme Burigo has said that the stages would cost R$18m (£2.6m/€3.1m/$3.3m), R$70m and R$30m, respectively.

Club president Vilmar Guedes told GE: “With no deadline for execution, we can consider it a timeless situation, so that future works can be carried out in an organised manner. The club currently does not have the resources to carry out the works. We will, once approved, very calmly, from next year, seek the resources to try to carry out the first stage.”

The project would include a ‘sectorisation’ of the stands and a wider modernisation of the venue. The new-look venue would also feature an enhanced mixed room, museum, changing rooms and shops.