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Drogheda United seeks government funds for new stadium

Featured image credit: League of Ireland

League of Ireland Premier Division club Drogheda United has submitted an application to secure government funding for a new stadium.

The club announced plans for a new stadium back in March and has spent the past few months working on an application for the Large Scale Sports Infrastructure Fund. The application was officially submitted last week.

The Louth County Council has designated land north of Drogheda for the club to develop the new ground. United said the project is “vital” for the growth of the club and the community.

“Securing public funds would provide a significant opportunity to elevate Drogheda United to the next level,” executive director Wesley Hill said in a statement.

“As we move forward, the collective efforts and determination of everyone involved will be important to build a sustainable club long term. The foundation has started to be laid, but we know there is much more work to do both on and off the pitch. Our commitment to fielding a competitive first team, developing our academy, upgrading Weavers Park, and securing grant funding through the LSSIF represents our vision for a sustainable club.”

Drogheda is seeking to deliver a new stadium within a “reasonable timeframe”.

Drogheda detailed plans to build a new venue after acquiring Weavers Park, its current home stadium, from the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). The stadium was originally sold to the FAI in the late 1980s with a repurchase option.

United’s acquisition of the stadium was executed through a direct equity capital injection from the club’s owners, the Trivela Group. The club is now the sole owner of the stadium, unburdened by any debt.

Since acquiring Weavers Park, Drogheda has refurbished the stadium’s home stand, added new seats, updated its gutter system, added a new gantry and initiated plumbing upgrades. There are also plans to introduce potential retail and hospitality expansions.

Weavers Park, also known as United Park, has a capacity of 3,500.