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Lazio president Lotito presents plan for Stadio Flaminio

Featured image credit: Sergio D’Afflitto/CC BY-SA 4.0/Edited for size

Claudio Lotito, president of Serie A football club SS Lazio, has met with Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri to discuss his vision for a redevelopment of Stadio Flaminio.

Lazio has proposed an expansion of the stadium from its current capacity of 24,973 up to around 50,000. The stadium was designed by renowned Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi and any redevelopment carried out by Lazio would seek to incorporate Nervi’s original vision.

Lazio would also look to ensure the stadium is a multi-sport facility. The project would cost at least €250m (£211m/$270m).

“It’s a great project,” said Gualtieri. “We are happy that Lazio has expressed its willingness to intervene to redevelop the Stadio Flaminio. Of course we are in the early stages. A real feasibility study, a preliminary project, will then have to be presented.”

The Municipality of Rome, which owns the stadium, said it has received other submissions for Stadio Flaminio that will be examined with the “same attention” as Lazio’s proposal.

“I think the meeting went well,” Lotito added, according to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We gave a deadline to better select the technical aspects: until October. I think the municipal administration understood the seriousness and meticulousness with which we approached the problem, trying to safeguard the regulatory aspects and the entire architectural aspect of the Stadio Flaminio.

“The mayor was pleasantly impressed from this point of view, he said he appreciated the work we carried out which is to protect both the architectural spirit and the future perspective.”

The venue was built ahead of the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, initially serving as a football ground before hosting matches played by Italy’s rugby union team from 2000 to 2011. It has been closed since 2011, with the Municipality seeking ways to bring it back to life.

The first formal proposal to redevelop the stadium was entered by swimming and water polo club AS Roma Nuoto last week.

The club’s vision reportedly centres on a restoration and renovation project that would bring the facility back to its original state, while also introducing a new structure sitting above the playing surface. The main changes would take place underneath the pitch with the introduction of an Olympic swimming pool with a 500-seat grandstand.