Soccer enthusiasts in California have been consulted about a possible future stadium in San Diego.

Major League Soccer (MLS) fans in Southern California were last week sent a survey concerning the possible location of an arena in the area and the amount they would be willing to pay to watch a San Diego team should the city be selected as an expansion franchise in the future.

According to the Soccer Nation website, the email featured the following message: “A private investment group, in partnership with San Diego State University (SDSU), is currently assessing the potential viability of a new stadium in Mission Valley that could serve as the home of an expansion Major League Soccer team and San Diego State University football.”

Back in June, local reports identified a potential ownership group in San Diego consisting of San Diego Padres co-owner Peter Seidler, investor Mike Stone and former executive Steve Altman, and confirmed rumoured ties between an MLS expansion bid and SDSU, to unite to build a dual-purpose stadium to house the soccer team and SDSU’s football team.

The survey asked respondents to assess their interest in SDSU football, and with the football team already established, that crossover appeal could be very important for the project’s viability.