LA 2024 bid officials have announced plans for a ‘live site’ concept that would maximise the number of sports fans able to enjoy the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The California city’s bid team said live sites will be a feature of its Games Plan, which aims to enhance the traditional concept of a singular Olympic Park by offering sports parks in Downtown Los Angeles, the South Bay, the Valley and Long Beach.

The four sports parks, event venues and live sites would share resources with a view to ensuring attendees can easily enjoy an Olympic festival atmosphere.

All LA 2024 live sites would feature big screens showing action as it happens, as well as Olympic and Paralympic sport showcases, marketing partner activations and numerous dining and retail options.

“LA 2024’s innovative sports park and live site model would create an unparalleled fan experience spread across our city, bringing the action closer to more of LA’s great neighbourhoods,” LA 2024 chief executive Gene Sykes said.

“With the latest technology, unique cultural attractions and diverse dining options, LA 2024’s celebration sites would allow even more Olympic and Paralympic fans to enjoy the Games.”

It is also claimed a dynamic ticketing model would give fans access to tickets in real-time if they become available, helping to make the Games as accessible as possible while maximising ticketing revenue and ensuring every athlete competes in front of full crowds.

Los Angeles is competing against Paris to win the rights to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. It is expected that a plan to award both the 2024 and 2028 editions to the two cities will be approved by International Olympic Committee (IOC) members next week after it was put forward by the organisation’s executive board.

A final decision on hosting rights will be made in Lima, Peru, in September.

IMAGE: Los Angeles 2024