Mercedes-Benz Stadium gets poor feedback on first concert

Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s first ever concert left thousands of Garth Brooks fans feeling disappointed after audio issues plagued the entire show.

Channel 2 Action News reported that there was a lot of static noise, as well as screeching and irritating echoes in some parts of the stadium.

“You couldn’t make out anything,” fan Maureen Bornstein told Channel 2. “I know all of his songs, and I couldn’t even sing along because I couldn’t understand what he was saying.”

While concertgoers made the audio issues apparent to stadium officials during the opening acts, the problems seemed to continue into the main event.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium Twitter account acknowledged the problems, stating: “Audio engineers are working through the sound issues with the artists. Garth Brooks will take the stage soon.”

The country music show sold out in an hour after tickets went on sale on June 30

In addition, throughout the show the large main screen in the centre had major lag. It was so behind the musicians that it was practically worthless to watch, reports state.

Following the show, Mercedes-Benz Stadium officials said in a statement to the 11Alive news website: “Garth Brooks played the first concert tonight at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and it was a spectacular show that tens of thousands enjoyed.

“We have heard some fan concerns about sound quality in certain sections of the upper concourse and sound engineers are looking into that now. We do know that a breaker was tripped that powered speakers in the parts of the upper level for a small amount of time and was resolved.”