Texans president Jamey Rootes releases book on business leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown period has forced us all to come up with new ways to pass the time while stuck at home, and for Jamey Rootes, president of the Houston Texans NFL American football team, this was no different.

Rootes spent his lockdown period writing his own book, The Winning Game Plan: A Proven Leadership Playbook for Continuous Business Success.

In the book, Rootes shares the principles and ideologies that have helped make the Texans one of the world’s most valuable professional sports franchises.

Rootes has been with the Texans since the team’s inception in 2002. He is the team’s first and only president and the book tells the story of how to successfully launch a professional sports franchise.

Topics covered by the book include project management, business quality control, business writing skills and non-profit marketing and communications.

Rootes was a speaker at TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2020. In his session, which attendees can view here, Rootes discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the Texans’ digital transition.

Under Rootes’ management, the Texans have extended their sellout game streak to a record 185 consecutive home games at NRG Stadium.

Cal McNair, chairman and chief executive of the Texans, said: “Jamey Rootes has been a high impact leader for the Houston Texans and the Houston community since the inception of our franchise two decades ago.

“Over this period, he has earned the respect and trust of our family and our limited partners as he has consistently delivered outstanding business results despite the natural ups and downs of the hyper-competitive National Football League. Jamey is passionate about football and athletic competition, but he leads using homegrown business best practices that are relevant for any leader and would deliver exceptional results in any environment.”

All proceeds from the book will benefit the Houston Texans Foundation. The book was released last month and reached number two on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.